World Juggling Day 2017 promotion on Juggling Balls

World Juggling Day takes place in June every year. This year, 2017, JimmyJuggler’s Juggling Shop has a promotion on the best-selling JJ Juggling Beanballs.


World Juggling Day | Juggling Balls | JimmyJuggler


Juggling Shop usually sells the JJ Juggling Beanballs in sealed sets. Each sealed set has 3 juggling beanballs and it usually costs SGD 19.00 per set.

For World Juggling Day this year, you may buy individual Juggling Beanballs at reduced prices. Here’s the price list:

1 juggling beanball   = SGD 5.90

2 juggling beanballs = SGD 10.90

3 juggling beanballs = SGD 15.90

4 juggling beanballs = SGD 20.90

5 juggling beanballs = SGD 24.90


How to order and enjoy taking part in this World Juggling Day 2017 promotion

Contact Juggling Shop now to place your order and set the date and time for your purchase. Remember to quote the phrase, “World Juggling Day 2017 promotion” to be eligible for the promotion.

Terms and conditions:

  1. Promotion prices do not include delivery. All customers must come to Simei town (in Singapore) to purchase the individual juggling beanballs in this promotion.
  2. Customers intending to buy these juggling beanballs must first contact Juggling Shop to set the date and time for their purchase. Customers must quote the phrase, “World Juggling Day 2017 promotion” to enjoy the promotion.
  3. Should the customer fail to show up to purchase the order at the agreed date and time, that customer’s order shall be cancelled and available for purchase by other customers.
  4. No refunds or exchanges are allowed after the purchase has been completed. Please check all products before payment.
  5. The promotion is valid while stocks last. Limited stocks for these individually sold JJ Juggling Beanballs.